"A majority of dogs in our shelters today are there because of perceived behavior problems. With a positive approach to dog training, most, if not all, of these dogs can learn to become a well-behaved, loving member of a family. I see results, so I know firsthand, that through positive dog training methods, people and their loving canine companions can enjoy long, happy, lives together!"

Kathy Fischer, KPA-CTP
PAWSitive Approach LLC owner

I love dogs. I'm passionate about humane dog training methods. The above statement says it all; it is the basis of my passion.

I'm a professional dog trainer, a certified training partner of the Karen Pryor Academy (KPA-CTP), a certified "Puppy Start Right" instructor, and a professional member of the Pet Professional Guild (PPG). As an avid reader, I keep my skills current by reading every dog training/behavior book that I can get my hands on. And, every year, I attend as many dog training/behavior conferences as possible.


I've always been fascinated by dog behavior, but thought I needed a "real" job to support myself. So, I earned a BS degree in Computer Science in 1991, and worked for 19 years as a Systems Administrator. In my spare time, I followed my passion, studying dog behavior and training, and attending as many conferences/seminars as possible. In 2000, I started teaching dog training in the evenings and on weekends. PAWSitive Approach was founded in 2001; a part-time dog training business.

In 2010, I decided to follow my heart full time; I left the corporate world, and put 100% of my energy into my dog training business, and becoming the best dog trainer I could.

As a step towards that goal, I attended the very intense, six month, professional dog training program at the prestigious Karen Pryor Academy of dog training. In November of 2013, I graduated with distinction, and earned my place as a Certified Training Partner of the Karen Pryor Academy. Then in 2015 I earned my certification as a "Puppy Start Right" instructor.

PAWSitive Approach L.L.C., a full-time dog training business!

Today, PAWSitive Approach L.L.C. is a full-time dog training business. We offer in-home, custom private dog training services, and in-home, custom private puppy training services. Our force-free, reward based dog training is available in Longmont, Loveland, Berthoud, Lyons, Hygiene, Niwot, Gunbarrel, Johnstown, Mead, and Milliken Colorado.


What do those letters after my name stand for?

KPA-CTP stands for Karen Pryor Academy - Certified Training Partner.

What does that mean?

Karen Pryor is one of the founding members of Clicker Training. The Karen Pryor Academy of Dog Training offers a challenging, professional, 6 month course that produces the very best dog trainers.

To achieve the Certified Training Partner status, Karen Pryor Academy graduates must score 90 percent or above on a written test covering theory, a dog training test, and a client teaching test; sign a pledge to teach and train using force-free principles and techniques; and maintain certification annually through continuing education or a client survey process.

What does this mean for you?


  • I have a strong educational foundation that allows me to approach training from many different angles, enabling me to provide the most effective and efficient training possible.
  • I possess the skills and experience to provide customized training plans specifically for you and your dog which will promote the very best training results for you.
  • You can be guaranteed that you will be receiving the very best of the most current training/behavior research.
  • I have the skills necessary to successfully employ positive training and teaching techniques; to keep training fun, for both you and your dog!

But don't take just my word for it. Please click here to see a video of Karen Pryor herself, explaining what it means to work with a Karen Pryor Academy Training Partner (KPA-CTP)!

The PAWSitive Approach to dog training:

Puppy Classes|Longmont Loveland Berthoud COOur approach to dog training respects the intelligence of both you and your dog. Our approach is reward based and force-free, allowing the dog to problem solve, and figure out what to do all by himself! We heavily reward behaviors that we want to see again, and we remove reinforcement for behaviors that we do not want to see again! Our communication with dogs is as clear as it can be through the use of conditioned reinforcers (clickers), which mark the behaviors that we want to reinforce. And we will teach you how controlling the environment can help control/stop unwanted behaviors.

Say goodbye to frustration, anger, and inflicting pain, and say hello to enjoyment, laughter, and understanding. With PAWSitive Approach dog training, you are teaching your dog! Your dog learns, and hence the new behaviors you teach will stay with your dog for his life.

Would you like to bring fun and excitement into training your dogs? Laughter is a common occurrence during our training sessions with dogs, and the dogs burst with excitement when they know a training session is about to happen. Bring laughter and excitement into your training sessions as well; just contact us for an appointment.